The Public Interest

Looking back to 1965

George F. Will

Fall 1995

THERE never has been an uneventful year in American history. How could there be? This nation, continental in scope and creedal in nature, is congenitally restless and constantly improvising. But rarely has there been a year eventful in the way 1965 was. That year was the hinge of our postwar history. The prestige of government, and government’s confidence, not to say hubris, were at apogees.  They were higher than at any time since 1945, and arguably higher than at any time since government came here with the first colonists on their errand into the American wilderness.  In the autumn of 1965, that year that was the incubator of so many of our current controversies, The Public Interest was born. In the nick of time. There was a whirlwind in the White House and whirl was about to become king. 

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