The Uniquely American Classical-Education Movement

Howe Whitman III , Daniel Wiser, Jr. & Micah Meadowcroft

December 10, 2023

Classical schools are distinctly American. Just as our country was founded both as a modern engineering project and as a recollection of ancient political philosophy and the traditional rights of Englishmen, the contemporary classical-education movement is an act of construction — one might say an invented tradition — seeking to revivify and participate in something that once lived, and perhaps could again.

Guest Micah Meadowcroft joins us to discuss how classical schools teach to a higher goal of human excellence.

Micah Meadowcroft is research director for the Center for Renewing America and a contributing editor of The American Conservative. He was a Robert Novak Journalism Fellow at the Fund for American Studies in 2021-2022. 

This podcast discusses themes from Micah’s essay in the Fall 2023 issue of National Affairs, “Classical Education’s Aristocracy of Anyone.”


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